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Great Lakes Spas
1996 - 2000
Several circuit boards were used during this period, based on the model of tub:
150E 110V only
260E/410E - 260 is w/out blower, 410 w/ blower
510E/520E two pump systems
610E garden tub/ gas pack
Ret50 replacement control box for Brett Aqualine BL80 digital.

2000 - 2004 also used several different types based on the model:
Value - One pump and blower with standard 12v lighting
Value3 - One pump and blower and able to control fiberoptic lighting, and stereo
2000LE - Two pump systems

2005 - 2009 used the GVS series, the 500, 501, 510, 511 circuit boards.

IST Spas
The  VX series spa  used the VS 511, & VS501 circuit board
        two pump system.

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